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  •  Analysing client’s business and by using Risk Management Techniques, offering most competitive products      available in the market
  •  Collecting all information as required by insurance company for acceptance and issuance of appropriate      policy
  •  Obtaining best premium quotes from insurance companies and advising clients
  •  Obtaining clients agreement to the terms to bind the cover
  •  Expediting issuance of Policy Document
  •  Assisting Clients in preparation of Claims Documents to get prompt settlement (including liasioning with      claim settler)
  •  Maintaining all records of correspondences pertaining to policies and claims
  •  Client's interest is protected at every stage
  •  Organizing seminars and presentations to enrich the knowledge of clients in insurance matters
  •  Risk assessment and Risk evaluation
        - Identify the risk which the enterprise is exposed to
        - In depth risk identification exercise
        - cutomise products need based
  •  Claim consultancy