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HR Philosophy

The Human Resources philosophy is based upon the belief that the success of Interlink is a direct result of the endeavors of its employees, towards making Interlink, A leader in the business in which it is involved. It is a Structured Governance.

In order to promote an environment where employees’ work life is rewarding, Interlink makes the following commitments to its employees.

  • To select individuals for employment based on their qualifications & Specific Skills
  • Developing advance workforce planning capabilities.
  • Improving Line Managers capabilities
  • To carefully select employees for leadership positions, and to provide them with the opportunity of enhancing their skills.
  • To compensate employees fairly and equitably.
  • To treat employees with consideration, understanding and respect; to give credit for good performance. Also appraise them on their achievements.
  • To promote communication between employees and management regarding matters of mutual concern and benefits.

At Interlink we always say that “Seat at the table = high expectations”.